Certified Massage Therapist & Bodyworker

Get to Know Me

Legally blind. Over a decade of practice. Certified amazing!

Having low-vision I was drawn to massage therapy as a career path, knowing that my more developed sense of touch would be a great strength. I have practiced massage therapy since August 2007 when I received my professional training from Heartwood Institute in Garberville, CA.
For a bit more on how I got started and why, check out my post In the Beginning.

With over a decade of experience at high-end day spas I chose to expand into a thriving private practice focusing on affordable customized massage.


My Style / Specialty

Striking a perfect balance between deep tissue and relaxation.

What makes me different is that I specialize in a deep tissue / sports massage style that strikes a balance between deep focused work and a relaxing flow.

I work with a wide variety of clients including athletes, weekend warriors and professionals. My massages are designed to promote both healing and relaxation to leave you feeling better in your body, and more clear headed.


  • Deep Tissue / Sports Massage
  • Active Myofascial Release Therapy (AMT)
  • Thai Massage
  • Precision Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Swedish/Relaxation
  • Zen-Shiatsu
  • Hot Stone Therapy

My Philosophy

Feeling better in your body through regular massage.


Heartwood Massage Institute Holistic Health Practitioner: 1,025 hours

San Francisco State University: Dedicated class schedule to Holistic Health including: Introduction to Chinese Medicine, Psychophysiology of Healing, Holistic Health Eastern Perspective, Holistic Health and Human Nature, Tai Chi, and Yoga.

My Self Care

Balancing play with rest is the key to keeping a smile on my face.

Client Testimonials

“His massage style really is a perfect balance of deep tissue and relaxation. He starts off with a light/medium pressure and builds into the deep tissue sports massage stuff. Since I travel multiple times a month, his deep pressure in the neck, shoulders and back is exactly what I require. His prices are also great, and the $60 Reward-Session is a fantastic deal! If he’s still offering the New Client Special, take advantage of that! I can’t recommend his work enough. I’ve had a lot of massage and he’s one of the best!”
– Karen B., Cole Valley, San Francisco

“His care begins with initial contact — Michael was super flexible with scheduling the massage and made it very easy for me to have an in-home massage. He was prompt for the appointment and very comfortable with setting up in my house and preparing me for treatment.”
– Janet T., Downtown, Oakland

“Years later and I’m still a regular with Michael. If anything, the years have only made each session better, as he is familiar with where my stress typically resides and he can easily find the deep knots and work them out.”
– Michael S., Glen Park, San Francisco

“I truly believe that massage has kept me from having a second neck surgery. Michael is kind and attentive to my needs, always accommodating any current issues. I prefer a pretty deep tissue massage and Michael provides the appropriate pressure for me.”
– David S., Dubose Triangle, San Francisco

“Michael is super intuitive! I gave him a quick rundown of some past injuries and let him know I’m on my feet all day for my job. … He focused on the dense muscles that we’re giving me trouble and gave me more flow and relaxing on spaces that didn’t need a ton of attention.”
– Sarah D., Union Square, San Francisco

“My roommates and boyfriend first started going to him and kept raving like he was the best thing since double cheeseburgers were invented.  I was skeptical because I’ve had really painful back knots since high school and absolutely nothing has worked to make me feel better. Just the first 10 minutes alone into our first session made me a believer.  He has some sort of sixth sense superpower that guides him to the exact spots that are causing me pain, even if I’m kind of vague about where exactly it’s hurting. He even gave me tips on home remedies for my issues.” 
– Marice R., Downtown, Oakland

“I work out 5-6/week, and I put my body through a lot of stress. I’ve had bicep tendonitis, tennis elbow, tight hip flexors, sciatica, runners knee (just to name a few). I always leave our sessions refreshed, and feeling like I have my old body back.”
– Ben B., Lower Nob Hill, San Francisco