5 Gems: Tips to Getting a Great Massage

Receiving massage can be as easy as just scheduling an appointment, laying down on the table, and letting me dictate how the session will go. But that’s not the way to go about it if you’re looking to get the most out of it. Keep reading to get some gems you can use to get more out of your massage.

5 Tips to Receive a Better Massage

1. Feedback

Speak up! Your feedback helps tremendously ! Check-in, and play an active role. I’ll check in with you, but you don’t need to wait for me to ask, to let me know that you’d like more/less pressure, or that “X marks the spot!” Often, I find those spots on my own, but your feedback/confirmation helps. Sometimes I can tell when i’m working a bit too deep, but not always. Again, your feedback and check-ins are not only welcome, but encouraged and appreciated.

2. 1-10 Scale

A 1-10 scale can be a great tool. Everyones scale is unique to them. Generally, a 7 is considered on-the-edge. We don’t want to work above that 7 point. Above your 7, you may notice that you’re tensing up somewhere, clenching somewhere, or just about to pull away. Those are all good signs to let your therapist know to ease up on the pressure. You’re not doing yourself any favors working beyond that 7 point. Just because you CAN take it, doesn’t mean you should.

3. Hydrate!

Staying hydrated, by drinking plenty of water, before and after your massage will help the circulation, and reduce soreness.  Drinking plenty of water will ensure that your muscles have the hydration they need, on a cellular level, to continue releasing, and enable the body to flush out waste products.

4. Shower Off

Showering off before your massage; helps your body and mind begin to relax, allows for more consistent glide when working, and above all else is hygienic!

5. Self Care

In-between massages, it’s a great idea to take a couple minutes to yourself, to gently stretch out your focus areas. As often as 3-times a day is fantastic! If you are able to fit it in 3-times a week, that’s great too! This not only helps cultivate a stronger body awareness, but ensures that the work we do has longer lasting effects, and gets you closer to being back in balance.

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