6 Tips for In-Home Massage

When i bring the bodywork to you, there are a few things you can do before our session, to ensure that you’re getting even more out of our time together. Here are a few key tips.

6 Tips for a Better In-Home Massage Session:

  1. Turn off your; cell phone,pager, tablet, laptop, two-way radio, and anything else that might *BEEP* *BUZZ* *BLEEP* *TWEET* ((VIBRATE)) or *RING*. Limiting distractions will allow you to relax more deeply, unplug from the network for an hour and a half, connect to your body, and focus your attention inward.
  2. Dim the lights, draw the shades to create a more peaceful setting.
  3. Check the temperature of the room. It’s better to have the room on the warmer side. Especially when it’s cold out. We can always add a blanket over the sheet, but it’s nice to have the room set to a warmer temp when receiving massage to ensure you are comfortable throughout our session.
  4. Lighting candles, diffusing essential oils,or burning incense, to fill the room with a calming scent will help you zone out. This also creates a positive association between that scent you love and the relaxation of the massage.
  5. Create a playlist, or relax to mine. Music is amazing at setting a mood, getting us into a zone, and allowing us to get lost in another world of sound, while we enjoy some bodywork. Another option is soundscapes (i.e. circuits on a breezy night, frogs in a rain storm etc.)
  6. Have comfy clothes ready to change into after your massage. Many clients gush about how great it is to be able to slip into their PJ’s after a massage. Getting off a massage table, and into something comfy is a great way to keep that relaxed feeling, as you transition into whatever comes next.

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