A person is enjoying a Power Nap after their massage

Introducing: Power Nap Add-On!

The add-on you've always wanted is here! Book a massage and add a 30-minute Power Nap now!

You heard me.  

After your massage, while you're feeling most relaxed, is usually when you are primed for a power nap. "Do I have to get up?" No, not this time. 

How it Works:

It's totally customizable to suit exactly what you're needs are each time. I'll drape you in an extra cozy weighted blanket if you like that secure grounded feeling, you choose calming music or white noise, lavender eye-pillow if preferable, choice of lying face up or face down, custom table temperature, and a gentle awakening when it is time to transition back into the world. If you'd like an energetic boost we can incorporate an energizing foot massage with the percussion massage-tool to send you back into the world with a little pep inyour step.

The beauty of a power nap is so much more than a little sleep. 

Studies show that 20 minutes of sleep can increase creativity and productivity, increase cognitive function, enhance memory, and most importantly... Leave you feeling less tired! 


You may experience:

  • A smoother transition from massage 
  • Improved overall outlook on life
  • Improvement of creative problem solving
  • Improved verbal memory
  • Improved perceptual learning
  • Boosted brain power when problem solving, logical reasoning, and in reaction times
  • Reduced feelings of fatigue
  • Reduced stress levels

Therefore, by treating yourself to a power nap you will not only feel more alert and energized, you could also have the ability to perform mental tasks more efficiently. Making power naps one of the easiest ways to reduce stress.


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