Getting Back to Offering In-Home Massage

Everyone wants to know


When will In-Home massages be offered again?


The short answer is: I'm not exactly sure.


The long answer is:

Unfortunately, I am currently not doing in-home appointments. 


I understand how hard it is to carve out time away from work and home life. Between kids, Zoom meetings, chores, and erronds it can be tough to get away. I have a handful of my regular clients in the same position, I do understand the struggle.


But, to be totally honest, I don't see myself doing any in-home appointments in 2021. There are just too many factors to consider when traveling from one client to another, entering an environment I have no control over, and asking you to trust that not only have I been doing all the things to stay safe, but also asking that you trust any client who I may have come from before you. 


Right now I am working out of my studio in the James Flood Building. I moved into a studio of my very own on May 1st, and have been seeing clients there since then. This is finally a space all mine, from layout to design I've taken it all into consideration. My goal was to create a warm and inviting space for clients to unplug, tune in, and reconnect to their bodies. 


Hopefully we can get you in there sometime soon. It'd be great to see you. 

I know that's not the news everyone was hoping for.  But I hope it helps you understand my position.


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