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Music Preference: You've Got Choices!

I have taken the time to curate a playlist for whatever mood you're in.

I aim to adjust and refresh these playlists somewhat regularly to keep them from getting stale. 

Here are links to check them out on Spotify, for setting the mood outside of your massage.

Spotify Playlist Links: For when you want to set that mellow vibe;

  • Soul / R&B 
    Soul, R&B, singer/songwriter  music for that mellow massage session. Somtiems we just wanna groove while we mellow. 

  • Lo-Fi Mellow Beats 
    Downtempo relaxing instrumental beats to create a lo-fi lounge vibe.

  • Jazz Vibes 
    Jazzy relaxation to set your mind at ease and get you in the massage zone.

  • Dreamy Ethereal Vibes 
    Rolling tones, the highs the lows and all the vibes between,  to transport you to the zen zone.

  • Zen Instrumentals 
    A massage playlist from around the world. Tibetan singing bowls, native american drums, some flutes, chimes and a few birds just to set the mood.

  • Spa Music 
    Traditional spa music, nothing funky For massage clients who want the "spa-music)

  • A Mix of All That 
    This massage playlist has a bit of everything, from lo-fi beats to spa music, jazz to Nina SImone, it's all good!

Playlist Previews:


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