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My Massage Clients Are...

My massage practice is one that I strive to share with everyone. I have intentionally set my rates at a below market price point in order to make bodywork  accessible to more people. My intention is to help people feel better in their bodies so that they might experience more joy in doing the things they love, without the impediment of pain. 

I find that I tend to resonate with kind thoughtful people from all walks of life. My clients are fellow bodyworkers, acupuncturists, yogis, men, women, gay, lesbian, fat fit, thin, and skinny. They inhabit all areas of the color spectrum, subscribe to various schools of thought, and are as unique and special as everyone else.  

Some of my clients are busy professionals who need mobile massage to fit it into their busy calendars. Others are parents who choose to schedule some much needed me-time, to tune-in and spend 60 or 90 minutes focusing on their own well-being so that they can hold it together in all aspects of life. Some fitness junkies come in for regular massage maintenance to keep active and loose. From desk jobs to athletes, working moms to stay-at-home dads, young tech to retired, they really do run the gambit. I’d love to add you to that list! If you experience any of the Symptoms of Modern Life, I can help.

That’s the short answer. I can’t begin to reduce my clients down to checkable boxes. They are full fledged whole people with complex constitutions. 

I provide in-home massage in Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Orinda, Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco. I also have 2 locations in San Francisco Union Square area if you’d prefer to get massage there. 

Receiving massage regularly, just once a month, could be exactly what you need to start feeling better in your body.


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