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Massage as a Solution to Our Modern Life

What can massage be for you?

Receiving massage helps keep you doing the things you love. Massage is a fantastic way to re-connect to your body. Massage is a way to take time out to focus on our wellbeing, to listen to how we’re feeling right here and right now. As I begin to work with the tissue, and you begin to work with your breath, the body will open up and begin to reveal holding patterns. With a combination of techniques, customized to each individual client, I map my way through these patterns, holding on certain areas, while easing up and gliding over others, to encourage movement, release, and neurological re-mapping, to restore the body to it’s natural pain-free state. 

Pain Management 

Back Pain, shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, and pain from old injuries. These are all symptoms of our modern life. These are not our natural states of being. We spend a lot of time sitting; in cars, in front of our computers, on the sofa, and at fabulous restaurants eating amazing food, we’re sitting a LOT. This leads to a very sedentary lifestyle, and causes our bodies to feel old and broken. Many of us end up living with tension and knots for so long that we become disconnected from them until our bodies demand our attention through pulled muscles, kinks in the neck, muscle spasms, or we lose the ability to do normal day to day activities. 


Another major issue clients come to me with is headaches. Often brought on by stressful situations, headaches can really take the wind out of your sales. Tension builds up on the muscles around the head, neck, and shoulders, causing tension headaches and migraines. It’s not normally the traffic that gives us the headache, or the interaction with that guy at the office that we try to avoid, but the combination of every little stressed that comes across our paths and the postures in which we take on to deal with them, it’s cumulative. 

Trouble Sleeping

Do you experience insomnia, An overactive mind, Restless leg Syndrome? Many of my clients report that they fall sleep much faster, and sleep more soundly after a massage. During a massage the body will release serotonin, Which is a precursor for melatonin, the chemical in your brain that helps you sleep. Aside from the boost of happy brain drugs, receiving massage regularly, also allows us to continue to make progress in releasing holding patterns, alleviating knots, and re-wiring the brain through neuromuscular cues, so that the body is in more of a relaxed/natural state of being more often. All of this adds to your ability to fall asleep faster, and sleep deeper. 

Get a massage on the calendar today and start feeling better in your body. 


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